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Kunta Kinteh Beach Bar & Apartments.


Our bar is a well stocked entity with a wide range of drinks, wine and spirits, served by a well trained, well mannered staff.


We also offer horse riding, djembe (local drum) training.​


 There is live band music and gallant fire eaters on Tuesdays and Sundays starting 2030 hours till late. There is barbecue each Sunday. Our craft shop has a wide range of gifts of cultural and heritage objects to give you a long and unforgettable visit to The Gambia.


​At Kunta Kinteh, we also host weddings and birthdays for our esteemed guests and locals in a serene environment.

                                                  RON & CHRISTINE WALLIS


Ron & Christine Wallis are British Couple, who are friends behind the establishment of Kunta Kinteh Beach Bar and Restaurant. They are the people who gave me the opportunity to start this business and they are behind all the achievements and successes attained here in Kunta Kinteh Beach Bar and Restaurant, in addition thousands (1000s) of people had better life through this initiative.

They have been very supportive and giving advices in all Plans that had been implemented here in Kunta Kinteh and we proud to say that we among the best restaurants in The Gambia with efficient services and friendly Professional staff.

In conclusion Ron & Christine Wallis are very good friends and indeed a Family of Kunta Kinteh Beach Bar and Restaurant.


















Herman and Gerda Van Klaveren


We have helped him in giving technical advices including the concept, building construction, promotion and surveying.  We have supervised  the building  of a fully functional 12 bungalows in a short period and we are continuing for greater things.
It was not easy at the beginning to work with Locals mainly due to cultural differences but we have bridged the gap and Kunta Kinteh beach bar, restaurant and apartments have been exceptional.
We hope to have a long lasting relationship where more Gambian people can be employed to help their families.